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Refurbishment  London.

Builders Edgeware

Here at builders London we are highly well known for our building services throughout all of London no matter what you require or how you want we and our team of highly trained and qualified builders will sort you out whatever you require such as our refurbishment in London service, all of our customers in the past have come out with great results, why not be a part of it today.

About our company and the services.

Builders London have been running since 1976 and with almost 40 years of proper experience in this business we know how to not only deliver the quality in our work to the best standard there is out there today, but we also make sure we work with our customers so we ensure more of successful turn out with every service that we complete.  We also make sure that we keep up to date with our ways in how we come about doing the job but also we make sure that our builder’s teammate using the latest tool and equipment for our jobs. The company and all of our team are always looking for new ways to keep and stay the best but we one thing that will always be same is the satisfaction we have always brought to you

The services that our builders team bring to Builders London.

Over the many years since we began we have been offering more services as they come in enabling you to have the best house you could possibly ever imagine. Everything you could possibly need we will have ready for you and all that is needed is that one call to us. Our services range from loft conversions all the way to general building work, our most popular services are loft installation services, refurbishment in London service, and our kitchen extension service.  But all of our services are regularly used by our customers,  we have always ensure that we you acquire a service from us we make sure that design and fit around you, it is your home so we make your home better for you.

The services that we provide here at Builders London.

  • Loft conversion installation
  • Building extension
  • Conservatory installation
  • Kitchen Installation
  • Bathroom instalment
  • Renovation work
  • General building work
  • Home refurbishment
  • Basement conversion

The technical side to our services.

Our refurbishment service includes.

refurbishment london

A home is your imagination spread across your building so you should have the confidence in investing into a company and team who help you give get the chance in expressing yourself with a professional quality and outcome making it that even more special for you. Here at builders London refurbishment in London is a very well known thing that every house hold in the area is well area of, and we ourselves have a huge amount of knowledge of how to make that perfect home. When you contact us inquiring to refurbish your home we send out our specialist design team to come to you and design exactly what you want, no matter what you want we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with what you want. As soon as this has been achieved we immediately start finding all the materials needed for the project, unlike other companies we never ask our customers to give us the money to supply us. This is a method of money taking that is used by unprofessional companies who simply wish to scam you. We provide what we need and you do nothing at all. Once we have got everything that is needed we start getting too immediately around the times that is best suited for you.

Our Kitchen instalment service.

Every room is a key part of your home and you kitchen is no exception, this is a significant part of your home and if you are looking to have the best home your kitchen is room that is going to a little bit of focus to make it perfection and we can help you achieve this exactly. Our team of builders can turn an empty space into a bit space you simply can’t leave alone for more than 5 minutes, like all of our services once you enquire about getting your kitchen redesigned by our team we will immediately come to you and design your new kitchen, we have a wide range of kitchens available to choose so your options will never end. Once we chosen a style and placing we will find and get everything we will need for your kitchen, again we never ask or require you to pay a penny towards this. Once our builders have gained everything they need to get to work they will start and only work with what is best for you, and in the end your dream kitchen has become your reality kitchen.

Our basement conversion service.

To this basements now are becoming very popular in London and as soon as something becomes popular you know we will be there first to be the team with ideas and plans to make it even better for you to experience. With what you have already we can make sure that within your home you have extra £30% to 60% more room so you that little more room to have for you, however we do require that you have a minimum of 2.6 meters of height for head room before we start any work. If you do have this amount of room we can plan with you what exactly you want in your basement , we also provide a waterproofing treatment for your basement, this is a latest new treatment that will ensure the protection of water proof damping  coming through, this is a service always make sure we go with you through every single step of the way.

The experience we have gained throughout our time.

The Experience here in London.

basement london

Over the many years we have been working we have seen a lot of new and exciting challenges to come up against, and we have come out in the end as finishing it off the way we have always finished all of our services, the best there is. All of the staff at builders London and the builders who have been serving and you for many years have grown so much since the company began and we are proud to have come such a long way with many memories of our customers behind us, and we still plan to get better with each and we aren’t stopping now or ever.

Get in contact with us today.

If you are looking for having your homes refurbished to a whole look that you want and you want it done by professional builders who know what they are doing and will always give you the best result throughout all of London then be sure to contact us today, or if you are looking for another service buy or want more information on us and our then contact us today and our friendly staff will be able to help on 0800 019 0470 or by email at, whatever the service we will always give it to you best.


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