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House Extensions London.

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For the best House extensions in London contact London Builders today.

Over the years London Builders have been constantly adapting and improving their techniques with regards to giving customers the best extensions for their houses within the London area.

We will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that every bit of the construction is tailored to the customers preferred style and choice.

What we can offer you.

At London Builders we can offer you a whole range o
The kitchen, we feel, is the heart of the home, it is somewhere where we can prepare,cook and eat food. With the right design and technicians you can also turn it into a room which offers all of the above and also a place to entertain and relax.f different extensions for rooms in your property. We can appreciate that the modern day living has a high demand for more space and traditional designs.

Of course we can offer extensions for other rooms in your house. Our other main specialty is creating extensions in the form of conservatories. We feel that they are a way for a house to open itself up to the outside world and let nature come in to the house without actually taking a step outside.

The choice is yours.

With any work that we do we want to make sure that you are involved with every element of it throughout the process. This is to ensure that the end product is something which you can be proud of and call your very own.

Our architects and designers are always on standby to take your calls to make sure that you are happy throughout the entire process.

Put your feet up.

Kitchen Extensions London

As with everything we want to make sure that the element of adding an extension to your house does not interrupt your day to day life. We will make sure to take care of all the planning applications.

Building regulations is something else that we take care for our customers to make sure that everything runs smoothly and does not incur any hiccups.

Whenever our London Builders perform any kind of work in your house we will make sure that everything is left in the same condition that it was found in. We will always make sure to clean up any mess that we make and minimise the amount of disturbance that is caused to your every day life.

Why Choose us.

We are constantly asked the question “Why should I choose London Builders for my House Extensions London*?” Our answer to this questions is that our experience and quality of customer service and quality of work is second to none.

We also guarantee to offer the widest range of materials and colours and so if you are not about whether or not we can tailor to your personal preference or style please ask us as we will be more than likely able to.

We also work on a no hidden extras policy to make sure that our customers are never met with a large bill that is unexpected. We have seen too many instances where by a customer has payed for a service, only to later find that after it has been completed they now have to pay up to 10 times more for said service.

Contact us today.

House Extensions London

If you are in need of house extensions London then please make sure to contact London Builders today on 0800 019 0470. Our staff are always on standby ready to take your call and answer any queries that you may have regarding the work that we do.

*Here is an  interesting article about the building industry which we thought that some consumers would be interested in viewing.




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